Oven Baked Ground Meat Cutlets with Mashed Potatoes, Mushrooms and Cheese / Kotletai kepti orkaitėje su bulvių koše, pievagrybiais ir sūriu

I often miss those homemade mom’s meals, when mom seems to be able to make the world’s most delicious dinner with just a few simple ingredients. These oven-baked cutlets remind me of just such a homemade, satisfying and delicious dinner. It is a two-in-one dish, as cutlets come already with mashed potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms and…

Baked Rice Pilaf with Pork / Plovas keptas orkaitėje

Yummy dish for a cozy dinner. Sometimes nothing can be better than a simple, just a few ingredient dishes. It is such dishes that always remind me of home food. This pilaf is exactly like that – rice, pork, carrots, onions and ketchup. And at the end you get a filling and very delicious meal….