Lazy Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls / Tinginių balandėliai keptuvėje

Lithuanian cuisine is hardly imaginable without zeppelins (a.k.a potato dumplings) as well as without stuffed cabbage rolls (in Lithuanian they are called balandėliai (little pigeons)). And I, as a sworn Lithuanian cuisine fan, am a stuffed cabbage roll lover. Well, but the whole preparation process of stuffed cabbage rolls sometimes simply takes forever… Starting of cabbage…

Peach Yogurt-Jello Cake / Persikinis jogurto-želė tortas

This cake is an ultimate summer cake! Well, you could call it a pie, but since I made it in a springform pan, it could be called a cake 🙂 The cake is refreshing, has a light texture and it’s absolutely delicious! I could safely say that it’s really an ideal dessert during hot days….