Mashed Potato Dumplings / Virtos bulvinės bandelės

Soft, tender and super easy to prepare mashed potato dumplings. Confess to yourself, sometimes everybody wants to have such a homemade, satisfying dinner, at least once every few weeks. Although I usually eat my own prepared food, I only occasionally make Lithuanian, satisfying, potato dishes. But everytime I make it, my belly is always very…

Lithuanian Honey Cake / Tortas “Medutis“

Honey cake is one of the most famous cakes in Lithuania. Therefore there are many recipes and preparation methods for this cake. Some bake thick, fluffy sponges, some very thin cookie disks. Some prepare the cream with whipping cream, others with sour cream. Sometimes this cake has 4-5 layers of cream, sometimes a whole 10….

Baked Rice Pilaf with Pork / Plovas keptas orkaitėje

Yummy dish for a cozy dinner. Sometimes nothing can be better than a simple, just a few ingredient dishes. It is such dishes that always remind me of home food. This pilaf is exactly like that – rice, pork, carrots, onions and ketchup. And at the end you get a filling and very delicious meal….

Cake “Friendship“ / Pyragas „Draugystė“

I have no idea about the origin of this cake, but everyone in Lithuania knows it. In fact, this cake is not even very special, but it always reminds me of those traditional “tea“ type of cakes from my childhood. If my mom didn’t bake something delicious at home, then she brought a “Friendship“ cake…

Lithuanian Flour Dumplings (Little Hedgehogs) / Miltiniai ežiukai

Little flour “hedgehogs“ are probably every Lithuanian’s childhood food. In my family, they were mostly prepared by my grandmothers. And always just from flour. The recipe can’t be more simple – flour, water, oil and salt. Mix the dough, roll through the grater and drop into the pot. Voila, lunch or dinner is ready. And…

Salad with Sprats / Mišrainė su šprotais

I think sprat is often devalued as a fish. Everyone worships anchovies, puts them on salads, pizzas, etc. But it’s also very easy to make a quick sandwich, salad or any other snack with sprats. By the way, pizza with sprats is super tasty (if you haven’t tried one, I highly recommend to do it)….