Salad with Sprats / Mišrainė su šprotais

I think sprat is often devalued as a fish. Everyone worships anchovies, puts them on salads, pizzas, etc. But it’s also very easy to make a quick sandwich, salad or any other snack with sprats. By the way, pizza with sprats is super tasty (if you haven’t tried one, I highly recommend to do it)….

Marinated Mushroom Salad / Marinuotų grybų mišrainė

Although the holidays have passed quite long time ago, but I still want to share with you the last recipes of my Christmas Eve (Kūčių) menu. Just one more left – marinated mushroom salad. Quick and easy to make, it’s filling and vegetarian. You can serve that kind of salad as a side dish with many other…