Peach Yogurt-Jello Cake / Persikinis jogurto-želė tortas

This cake is an ultimate summer cake! Well, you could call it a pie, but since I made it in a springform pan, it could be called a cake 🙂 The cake is refreshing, has a light texture and it’s absolutely delicious! I could safely say that it’s really an ideal dessert during hot days….

Strawberry Jello Cake / Braškinis žele pyragas

I really wanted something with strawberries, something made from jello and, of course, that it would be a refreshing dessert (however it’s summer!). And here, all my wishes came true, when I tasted a piece of this wonderful strawberry dessert… 🙂 Refreshing, tasty, not too sweet and with a great strawberry taste – during the…